Manifest your 2018!

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Let’s get intentional!

Here’s a Guide to Manifesting a Powerful 2018

I believe it is so helpful and important to get focused on what you would like to bring into our future instead of just letting it happen. Having some clarity on personal and business goals helps us to have direction and purpose in our lives.

So let’s dig deep and manifest joy, love, courage, compassion, health, wealth, abundance, etc. into your life!

First let’s take stock of 2017

  1. Make a list of 10 of your top acheivements
  2. What is an example of when you had courage in 2017?
  3. What is one example of a time you showed selflessness?
  4. What is an example of when you showed thoughtfulness?
  5. What self care did you give yourself?
  6. What is something you wish you did this past year?
  7. How have you grown personally?
  8. How have you grown in your business life?


Now let’s set some Goals for 2018!

  1. Make a list of 10 of your top personal goals
  2. Make a list of 10 of your top professional goals
  3. How do you want to feel?  Make a personal mantra or mission statement!
  4. What do you want to give to others?
  5. What do you want your daily, weekly, monthly self care to look like?
  6. What area of your life do you need to get out of your comfort zone?
  7. What vacations do you want to take and when?  Put it on your calendar!
  8. How would you like to grow as a person?
  9. Make a list of all the actions you need to take in order to achieve all of this!
  10. Image yourself, on 12/31/18.  What is your life like?  How do you feel?  How are you different?  It’s important to visualize and be able to see all of this happen!


It is crucial that your write this down, ponder, dream, visualize, and talk through all of this.  The more energy you put in, the more you get out!

I would love to know everything you came up with!  

And I would also love to be your accountability coach!  

Either email me what you wrote or schedule an appointment to talk about it and lock it in with Acupuncture (MUCH MORE POWERFUL!).  

I can’t wait to hear from you!

With love and abundance,

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